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Boinx Mouseposé 2

Boinx Mouseposé 2, the new version of the Mac OS X tool for highlighting your Mouse during presentations and for helping you find your Mouse pointer on large screens, now speaks for itself.

Literally. Using AppleScript and Speech technologies, Mouseposé 2 takes you on a tour of itself. The Talkthrough feature can also be used to create self running demos or trainings of other applications with AppleScript support. Mouseposé 2 also adds a start/stop animation and a blurred edge for even more elegant presentation and visualisation of Mouse clicks.Mouseposé 2 can!

Listen and watch as Mouseposé 2 takes you on a tour of itself, highlighting the most important switches and settings and showing you what it can do. Based on AppleScript and Speech technologies, these 'Talkthrough' tours can be created by anyone for any application that supports AppleScript for demo or training purposes.

MacDailyNews | Boinx Mouseposé 2 now speaks for itself

Although a staunch Mousepose user for the longest time I fear OmniDazzle has captured me. Might be worth a try though.

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Slightly Weird First Few Posts!

Just in case you're wondering, the posts on the blog to date won't necessarily be typical of "My Own Reality" posts. It's just that I'm currently recording a screencast on Flock which should be published tomorrow. I needed to create some posts for the screencasts so I thought I'd leave them in place for posterity. I'll post the links to the screencast once it's ready or you could always subscribe to ScreenCastsOnline and get it "hot off the press" - Subscribe in iTunes

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Regent St Nearing Completion

Regent StreetRegent Street Construction

Construction continues on the upgraded and enlarged theater for the Regent Street (London) store, but it will bust out on July 15th when the current theater closesso the project can be completed. All the work is being done behind the current theater, but will finish up at the end of ...

IfoApplestore suggests that the Regent St store is nearing completion with an extended theater space. I wonder what happened to the stairs going up to the third floor?

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OSX Fake ScreenShot Contest

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I am starting to get really pumped up for WWDC, now just under a month away. Why? Well, I’m definitely expecting some new hardware from Apple. Mac Pros seem pretty likely. But what I’m really anticipating is the first sneak peak of Mac OS X Leopard, or 10.5. - Announcing the Fake Leopard Screenshot Contest

Looking forward to seeing the results of this!

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My First Post using Flock

This is a demo of using Flock to create a blog post using its built in blogging tools. Those screencastonline viewers who read the forums this morning and have checked out the blog may realise that this weeks screencast is all about Flock. It's astounding..... It's fully integrated with:

  • Delicious - for social bookmarking
  • Flickr - for photo sharing
  • Blogging - Has a built in blogging tool
  • RSS Reader - Fully featured RSS reader
Here's a photo from my flickr account:

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