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No Downtime

Well I decided to take the plunge and upgrade the ScreenCastsOnline to the new Rapidweaver V3.5 release to take advantage of some of the new cool features.

The upgrade went suprisingly well considering I'm using a third party theme, plus third party plugins and have created some custom scripts. To minimse downtime, I uploaded the revised site to a test directory and all seemed well, except for the custom code I use to fire off watching the free shows. They didn't work but I figured I'd hardcoded the directories in the code so that wasn't totally unexpected.

So i figured, bring the current site off-line, rename the old root folder, create a new root folder with the old name, upload - bingo! 10 minutes tops! The site hasn't been offline for months by the way. I was sure that no-one would notice a brief outage and it was late (at least here in the UK) so I thought I'd give it a go.

So I did the dirty deed and put the new site live. On testing it appears that it wasn't the code but a issue with some javascript in RW that took me another 10 minutes to fix. Total downtime - probably 20 mins - Great.

Check my email before going to bed and theres a note from the Marketing Manager of a potential show sponsor I've been trying to get on board for months.

Yes - she'd tried to get on my site 20 minutes ago and it appears broken!

Don't you just hate it when that happens - sob

So even a small independant web based dude needs to be aware of the global nature of providing  a web site and there really can be no downtime.

Lesson learned.

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Attachment Scanner Plugin for

Attachment Scanner Plugin for

Well recommended to save lots of embarrassment

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More encoding woes...

01:10am Spent most of today and yesterday editting this weeks ScreenCastsOnline show on my MacBook Pro using FCP. I'd hoped to get the show out today but I went to town a bit on the opening graphics and as it's a sponsored show, I want to get everything just right. Had a few strange anomolies as I re-editted some sections today but managed to fix it. Started encoding the HD version around 11:30pm. It's along show (around 40 minutes) so should take a couple of hours. Been watching the progress bar slowly creep along and it's still only 28% and the Estimated Time for completion is "About 4 hours". Doh! Somethings not right Too late to wait and too late to fix so I'm off to bed and the show will have to be a day late. Hate it when that happens :-( Update: The following morning the encoding has finished ! Watched it through and there's a minor glich on the video and audio about 30 minutes in. Normally I'd let it go but seeing as the show is already late I figure another couple of hours won't make much difference so I'm re-encoding. Watch this space! Update: Done!

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Where's the Mac?

OK, so we've got:


  • Mac Mini - low cost entry level machine for newbies and switchers (doubles up as a great media center) $599 (£399)
  • iMac - Mac integrated with screen for home users $1299 (£879)
  • Mac Pro - Quad processor Mega Mac for professional Users $2499 (£1699)
  • MacBook - Entry level laptop $1099 (£749)
  • MacBook Pro - Professional level laptop $1999 (£1399)
So where's the Mac?

Where's the machine between the iMac and the Mac Pro for average PC users who want a single Core Duo 2 in a classic tower or mini tower configuration.

The Mac that's highly expandable and gives them the safe warm feeling of upgradability that current PCs have.

Something that's more substantial than the mac mini but doesn't have a built in screen like the iMac.

Something for about $1299 (£879).

The new Mac - Now that would really kick off major switching activity

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Those Apple Guys Are Serious!

Boot Camp 1.1 beta includes:

Support for the latest Intel-based Macintosh computers
Easier partitioning using presets for popular sizes
Ability to install Windows XP on any internal disk
iSight camera support
Support for built-in microphones
Right-click when pressing the right-hand Apple key on Apple keyboards
Improved Apple keyboard support including Delete, PrintScreen, NumLock, and ScrollLock keys

Apple Boot Camp 1.0b1 1.1 » at Cool OSX Apps

I know it was mentioned in the WWDC but BootCamp must be shifting a lot of hardware for Apple. Great to see the experiment working and for all these extra drivers becoming available to take full advantage of iSight, etc. As far as I can, that's the only blocker to Corporates taking Macs big time.

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