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The Demise Of Google Reader

I'm getting a lot of emails from people asking if I'm going to be making any recommendations for alternatives to Google Reader.

Following a couple of days R&R, I came back to the news that Google are “shuttering” the Google Reader service from 1st July 2013.

Although I don’t use the web interface to Google Reader, it is the service I use to manage and sync my collection of RSS subscriptions to many websites. It’s also the back end service that many of my favourite Mac and iOS apps use to sync my subscribed RSS feeds - apps like Mr Reader on iOS and Reeder on the Mac.

As of the 1st July, these apps will stop working - in theory.

In reality, I’m sure the app developers will come up with some alternative solutions to Google Reader. Oliver Fürniß, the developer of Mr Reader has already stated:

I'm already looking for alternatives to support and I'm sure that there will be some more interesting ones released during the next couple of days/weeks/months. I'll keep you informed! Please be patient and don't switch overhasty to a other Google Reader alternative.

There are already some pre-existing alternatives available, but I’m not going to try and second guess which way apps will jump. As we have up to July for things to settle down, I’m going to leave it a few weeks and examine all the options, and then decide the best way forward.

I will, of course, be describing some of the options and my chosen solution in a future show, well before the 1st July deadline.

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