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Good News!

I'm delighted to announce that Apple have held true to their promise and have now approved a brand new SCOtutor title, and it's now available on the iTunes App store for both iPad and iPhone.

It's SCOtutor for Mountain Lion and it's now available on the iTunes App Store.

As usual, it's a round up of all the Mountain Lion coverage I've put out over the last few months since Mountain Lion was introduced, all assemble in one big package, with the SCOtutor player wrapped around it. ScreenCastsOnline members have already had the content and some has been republished in the ScreenCastsOnline magazine, but this is the first time it's all been available as a single release.

All the other SCOtutor iOS apps previously withdrawn from sale, are now back in with the review team and are currently "In Review". It seems to be taking a while, but I'm confident that these will be put back in the store very soon.

So, check out the new App either on the iTunes store itself, or over on the SCOtutor page

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