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Changes for New Members at ScreenCastsOnline

ScreenCastsOnline  Membership Benefits 1

Following on from the launch (and the amazing response) of the ScreenCastsOnline Monthly iPad Magazine, I've made a few changes to the membership options over at ScreenCastsOnline. The availability of the monthly magazine option has given me a chance to rethink and simplify the options available to new members.

Earlier on in the year, I decided that it was necessary to split the tutorials into two distinct streams - Mac and iOS.

This was to try and cover the huge interest in iOS and not "irritate" the few existing members who really were not interested in iOS. I'd felt frustrated that I didn't have an outlet to share all the great things that were happening in the iOS space, so I took the plunge and created two separate streams - a Mac tutorial and an iOS tutorial.

This allowed me to create separate memberships for people who wanted to learn about Macs only, iOS only or both.

I also introduced a new monthly membership, to try an overcome the price barrier that some people felt, or to allow people to try out ScreenCastsOnline without too much of a commitment.

Whilst this did give the ultimate in choice, it did confuse people - Mac or iOS? Or both? Do I sign up for monthly? Or Quarterly? Or what about Annually?

It's now roughly 8 months since the "split" service was launched. In that time, the vast majority of people either renewing or taking out a new membership, have chosen the option to receive both the Mac and iOS tutorials. Well over 90% of the current ScreenCastsOnline members are subscribed to receive both tutorials.

So I've decided to simplify the options for new members, signing up for the first time.

If you're an existing member, there's no real noticeable change.

As of today, all new members get access to (and are charged for) both Mac and iOS tutorials - the pricing has not changed at all.

If you want to sign up on a monthly basis, you can sign up for the ScreenCastsOnline Monthly iPad magazine and receive streamable versions of the tutorials, as well as all the included articles, hints and tips, etc. The magazine is published each month via Newsstand.

If you want to sign up for a full "Premium" membership, this is only available to Quarterly and Annual subscribers and includes weekly Mac and iOS video tutorials, full access to the website and archive, plus a free subscription to the magazine.

You can compare the two different levels of membership on the new Membership Benefits page put together by the very talented Jamie Peak!

Just to re-enforce the point - if you're an existing ScreenCastsOnline member, on any of the old Mac, iOS or Mac & iOS plans, there is no change. You're OK to renew for the same plan for the foreseeable future, and you'll still get access to the ScreenCastsOnline magazine for free. There's no change for existing users, the changes are for new members only.

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